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Interior Styling of Master Bedroom by Tragardh Interiors

Top Tips to prepare your home
for sale this spring 2014

As they say spring has sprung and the Melbourne Property Market is in full swing, new listings are appearing every day and the competition couldn't be stronger to have your home looking its best.
Many Real Estate agents use the services of a professional Interior Stylist such as myself to assist Vendors in presenting their home in the best light.

Here are just a few of my top tips when preparing your home for sale -
1. First Impressions are everything! Stand at your front door, this is where prospective buyers often stand and wait to enter and give their details to agents, are your eaves clean and cobweb free? Do you have a light fitting on your porch? Its amazing how many people don't. How's the garden looking? A bit of potted colour and mulch does wonders. and lastly buy a new front door mat, its a cheap way to give a good first impression.
2.For each room stand at the doorway and consider how it presents, usually the opposit corner is the most visible so ensure this area is presented well. Try to place beds as far away from the door as possible, the more floor space you see the bigger the room looks. Move furniture so it sits flat against the wall, pieces that cut across corners eat into the space of a room and make it appear smaller.
3. Bathrooms & Kitchens should be clutter free, clear benchtops, fridges, remove shower caddys and bath mats and just leave one or two items on the bench or vanity along woth fresh towels, don't hang tea-towels over appliances as they cover up what the buyer wants to see, particularly in photos.
4. Flowers - fresh flowers always give life and colour to a home but don't go overboard! One arrangement on the dining table is usually enough, try to find a flower that is long lasting too, the last thing you need is having to rush out and buy flowers before and open, its better to invest in something that will last the whole campaign such as Bird of Paradise and Leaves/sticks, take your vase to a florist and have them make up a long lasting arrangement.
5. Cushions! Woman love them & men hate them but nothing breaks up that solid mass of brown leather couch like a few throw cushions, add them to beds for a luxe look and use outside to complete your indoor/outdoor room.
6. Clean Clean Clean! Windows, Doors, walls, skirting boards, light fittings, tapware, floors, all need to be sparkling.